ERP Software Services

Quality ERP and EDI Software Services


Enterprise Resource Planning is the idea of interfacing all business functions involved in manufacturing, forecasting, selling, and shipping product.

Electronic Data Interchange is a way to connect business functions through data translation.


Experience With over 20 years of experience in the business software industry, we are looking to contribute proven technical, supply chain and business analysis in implementing your ERP and EDI systems.

Teamwork A wide range of business activities are involved in ERP implementations, from order entry, invoicing and shipping to warehouse transfers and production reporting. The functionality of each activity is dependent upon most other activities. Working as a team to integrate each functional area is key to a successfull implementation.

Efficiency Whether you decide to use AS2 to transmit traditional EDI or FTP to exchange custom flat files, we have the knowledge and experience to integrate your external data with your ERP application reducing cost and user intervention, while meeting your customers' requirements.